Professor Nicholas Martin
Queensland Institute of Medical Research and The University of Queensland
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Professor Martin currently heads the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research where he is a Senior Scientist.  In addition to this, Professor Martin is Adjunct Professor in Psychology at The University of Queensland.  He is well-known for large-scale longitudinal studies in behaviour genetics carried out using the Australian Twin Register, as well as for his pioneering work in multivariate genetic modelling, addressing questions regarding the aetiology of comorbidity and associations among complex traits. Over past years his research has moved to genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to locate genes influencing complex traits including anxiety, alcoholism, brain volume and dizygotic twinning.  He has published over 800 papers, won international awards, served as president of the Behavior Genetics Association, and is a fellow of the Australian academies of both science and social science.  He is the current editor of Twin Research and Human Genetics and associate editor of Molecular Psychiatry.