Our Research Streams

CRESP aims to generate new research to increase the knowledge base regarding effective prevention and treatment in suicide prevention. These aims will be achieved via four research streams focusing on better delivery of interventions, better knowledge of causes and risks, improved help-seeking and improved prioritising of suicide funds. The figure below highlights the four streams, the activities that will be undertaken and the outcomes achieved.

CRESP Overview
image - Betterinterventions 0
This stream involves testing the effectiveness of interventions delivered to risk groups using the latest developments in e health technology. Because of their reach, e health interventions can reach high risk groups through mobile phones, ipads or computers.      
image - Betterknowledge Sml
This stream investigates new models of suicide causation using advances in our understanding of the psychology of suicide behaviours, new models to identify social patterns of suicide through geospatial mapping and investigations of gene-environment interactions (GxE) using new phenotypes.      
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This stream investigates the effectiveness of potentially useful methods to increase help seeking, building on developments in mental health help seeking. Self-screening, suicide literacy and lowering stigma will be investigated as potential methods of increasing the rate at which individuals will...
image - Better Prioritisaton 1
This stream aims to develop guidelines to assist policy makers in determining priorities for funding suicide prevention programs. It will involve modelling the effectiveness of particular interventions, their costs and impacts.